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Thursday, April 25, 2013

We had a blast.... learned lots, met great people... at the BC Trappers Convention

Sure glad we went.  Each day was full of things to see and people to talk to.  The skinning demo's were amazing.  How Gary from Fur Harvester can process so many skins in one days is incredible.  He was at it from the start to finish of each day.  We took some good pics and will put them up here soon.  The demos on snaring, dirt sets etc had great followers.
To organize this event must have taken a lot of people a great deal of effort.  The food was always available.  On Friday night the CO's cooked the Hamburgers out on grills in a blizzard.  We danced til 11:30 to great fiddle music.  Saturday night was the banquet and Auction.  Bryan was successful in bidding for a pair of hand made snowshoes done by a retired Trapper in 1980, never worn.  All proceeds to the BC Trappers org.
Again we danced til the midnight food was brought out.  Next year it to be in Cranbrook we believe.  Now that's a long long way from the far north.  But we had such a great experience it will be hard not to go again next year. 


  1. Sure glad we went too. It was sure nice to finally meet the two of you!


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