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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monday Feb 25 At the Line Cabin


Bryan went and hauled in three loads of firewood.
You can always tell which way the Otters are traveling by the sliding down the hills

 Hannah came out to see the catch.

The Marten is folded skin to skin and the head tucked in so there is only fur on the outside.  He puts these in small plastic bags and then when back at the base camp will put them on stretchers to dry.  We got everything ready to head out first thing in the morning.  The river might have opened up more in this mild weather and we might have to return and go the Walker's Valley Route. 

Sunday Feb 24th 4 1/2 Hr Trip Beautiful Day

This is the cabin Bryan and Henri built in 17 days of hard work.  It is a welcome sight.  Bee is happy to finally get off the Skidoo.

We listened to a Louis L'Amour Audible book on the iphone and tiny speakers.  We are trappers but we do have modern things to make our life easier and more pleasant.  Reading a book by Coleman Lantern is hard on the eyes and back after traveling the approx 50 km in 4 1/2 hours.  Bryan skinned out the Marten we had got.

The Trip Up to The Mountains Part 8

Looking back to wards where we have come.

A squirrel in a marten set.

We've been climbing steadily.  We were down in the far bottom of that distant valley.

There's a steep drop down to Pocket Lake.  We can see Bryan almost at the otherside of the lake already.

A Marten set, a Wolverine Box and two Wolverine snares

Two Wolverine snares on either side of the tree.
That is Center Mountain in the far distance.  If we were going to complete the circle that is the way we would proceed.  This time we are going to be going back the way we have come because there are no traps beyond the next bend.

Pussy Willows are always a great sight for Vikki.

Leaving Sutlahine Heading to Pocket Part 7

We traveled up 30 km's and now are heading way up into the Mountains again.

Moose, Bryan & Henri Bi-Pass Trail Part 6

 The Sutlahine is not a deep river in the winter.  Sometimes 6", sometimes 3 feet.  It is Glacier feed with lots of joining wild creeks.  It is open for 2 kms here.  The bi-pass trail was made by Bryan and Henri last year.  There is no way you can run the river without this bi-pass up the hill and thru the big trees.  It took the two of them 1 day to cut the winter trail.  It's about 400 meters and rises about 50 feet on a bench above the rock knob. 

 It's on these wind swept Mountain sides that the Mountain Goats winter on.