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Friday, February 15, 2013

Video of Ishi jumping off cabin roof after stick

PUSH SQUARE ON RIGHT HAND CORNER AND IT BLOWS UP THE SCREEN...Ishi jumps right off the cabin roof into the fresh snow and disappears after the thrown stick.  Bryan said she was in mid air 8 feet and totally disappeared.  He was amazed she didn't run down the packed snow...  No, she just took a running jump.  She did it twice.  This is the second time. Bryan got off the roof and ran to get the video camera.  Both of us couldn't stop laughing.  Ishi would have done it all day long. 


  1. There's always time for laughter :)

  2. Funny to listen your voice after so long time see you ..

  3. I laughed again today when I watched it again!


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