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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Checking the Sutlahine Line.... Part 1

 Vikki left a note on the door.... All of us are going.  Bee is under the blue fleecy.  Hannah is on the back of the Scandic 800.  It is 11:30 am.

This is the start of the Steep Drop.  You drop  120 ft in elevation in 3 parts in 500 feet.  The picture below it is looking back up when at the bottom.  The trail you see turns abruptly right and the up to a little bench, then left and up.

The talus slope skirting the Inklin is narrow and pron to small snow slipping.  This whole pass has filled last week and took Bryan 4 plus hours to shovel.

Looking up hill from the Inklin cliff trail (talas slope)The last 7 pics are of the Cliff Pass.


  1. Ride carefully. That ride is an adventure in itself. No guardrails here folks!

  2. Those trails are a huge job to maintain, you guys really work hard on that trapline .Keep safe :)


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