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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bryan's Line Check at Walkers' Valley

 With the 16" on new snow, Bryan had to do the routine of unpacking the toboggan and carrying up the supplies up the steep hills and then going back and dragging up the toboggan.  Our friend Gary has emailed us a few products to look for.  Zardoz Not Wax, Dupont Snow and Ice Teflon Spray and Dupont Teflon Snow and Ice Repellant.
Bryan got to within 1/2 km of Wayde's old cabin on the Sutlahine.  On the way back at Swamp 11 an Otter had come out of a tiny creek, checked out where he was and then went back into the small channel. 

 Back at Base camp he told Vikki of a really neat experience.  He said he wished he'd had a helmet cam on.  
Between Swamp 5 and 6 in the Narrows, a Northern Goshawk or a male Northern Harrier (it was bright silver with 2 ' wing span) was winging with a Rough Grouse 15 in it's talons 15 feet in front of him.  There were Grouse feathers drifting down on to the trail.  It lasted about 7 to 8 seconds before it disappeared down the trail infront of him and off to the left.  All four wings were beating frantically.  It was a flailing action on both parts.  The hawk must have nailed the Grouse just a second or two before.


  1. Vikki about your bird, it probably a goshawk, the other one is more a open field bird and think he dont like the snow .. . Goshawk it a very good bird hunter ...

  2. Those bird moments are hardly ever caught on camera when you want them.

    A few years ago while quadding during a moose hunt, I startled a Golden Eagle of a moose carcass. It flew past me at eye level about 15 feet in front of my face. What a shot for a helmet cam! (I didn't have one!) I feel for ya Bryan! lol


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