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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our old dog Hannah passed away last week

The reason we are not out on the trapline is because of old Hannah.  She had been our partner for over 16 years and deserved to have her last remaining days peaceful and easy.  The decision had been an easy one ....  it would give us a chance to build our house.  We are doing all the work ourselves and the money is still flying out of our bank account.  We do not have internet and have to go to the small community trailer College to use their free 3 available computers.  Sometimes it is days to get a freed up one.  So please don't expect that we will post often. 
The mountain lake that we fly into is probably iced over now but not safe to land on til just before Christmas.... if then.  We will see how the winter goes.  Right now the weather has gotten mild.  Only -3 and snowing.  If we do not go out to our trapline we might make arrangements to be an assistant trapper on a line not worked near our small community.  We will see what happens.  I haven't fiqured out how to get photos onto this blog when using the community's computors.
We had a wonderful time at the BC Trapping Convention.  Met lots of wonderful people and enjoyed all the demonstrations.  It was well worth the effort to attend.
Ishi is three now and in heat...   Bee, our Japanese Bobtail is well and fine and has taken up chasing the neighbors dogs out of our yard.  Hate to think of what she will do when we go back out to the trapline and the wolves are there instead of just dogs.
Hope this finds all you well and happy.  Sorry for the long time in getting back on here.