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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our old dog Hannah passed away last week

The reason we are not out on the trapline is because of old Hannah.  She had been our partner for over 16 years and deserved to have her last remaining days peaceful and easy.  The decision had been an easy one ....  it would give us a chance to build our house.  We are doing all the work ourselves and the money is still flying out of our bank account.  We do not have internet and have to go to the small community trailer College to use their free 3 available computers.  Sometimes it is days to get a freed up one.  So please don't expect that we will post often. 
The mountain lake that we fly into is probably iced over now but not safe to land on til just before Christmas.... if then.  We will see how the winter goes.  Right now the weather has gotten mild.  Only -3 and snowing.  If we do not go out to our trapline we might make arrangements to be an assistant trapper on a line not worked near our small community.  We will see what happens.  I haven't fiqured out how to get photos onto this blog when using the community's computors.
We had a wonderful time at the BC Trapping Convention.  Met lots of wonderful people and enjoyed all the demonstrations.  It was well worth the effort to attend.
Ishi is three now and in heat...   Bee, our Japanese Bobtail is well and fine and has taken up chasing the neighbors dogs out of our yard.  Hate to think of what she will do when we go back out to the trapline and the wolves are there instead of just dogs.
Hope this finds all you well and happy.  Sorry for the long time in getting back on here. 


  1. Hey Bryan & Vikki sorry to hear about your old pal Hannah, I hope the building of your house is going well . And I wish you well in all that you do this winter !! :)

  2. Bryan and Vikki,

    It's certainly bittersweet to see you posting again. I'm glad Hannah had a peaceful and easy time at the end, I am really sorry to hear about her passing - she will be missed by readers of this blog from across the globe.

    Oh! In case I forget - I was looking back at some of your old posts a wee while ago, and happened to see you had mentioned the Oliver Reed film The Trap - I know this won't be much use for you at the moment, but I discovered you can actually watch the whole movie on youtube. Good recommendation, thanks.

    Take care of yourselves, and I'll look forward to any posts you do manage to get up - and good luck with the house.


  3. Very sorry to hear of you losing your old friend. I hope the house-building goes well.

  4. Hi Vikki and Bryan, sorry to hear about Hannah, our pets are just like another member of the family. I was really wondering what had happened to you guy's, been checking out your blog for quite a while now looking for your post's.So you are building your house now, I know what you mean about expensive, I am just finishing up my shop and I really blew my budget, but it sure is nice. Take care and have a good Winter wherever you may be.

  5. God bless you both. Hope you have an awesome winter, I'll be watching for your future posts.
    ~ Mark (The Moose Man)

  6. I'm so sorry to that you've lost Hannah. Following your posts and your four-legged family has been a pleasure. My best four-legged family member, Deadeye, left a day before his thirteenth birthday and it's been sad ever since.

  7. Sorry to hear about Hannah. I was hoping that nothing was wrong with either yourself or Bryan.

  8. Hi to you both! Sorry to hear about Hannah. It is so hard to lose a pet that has been with you for so long :( I am happy to hear that you both are ok though! I really missed reading your posts! Good luck to you both in the coming new year!

  9. Hello Bryan and Vikki.

    Sorry about your beloved dog, hope everything is well,

    also, I hope you guys get to upload photos. the photos are the best part of the blog!

    -the mountain folk

  10. So sorry about the loss of Hannah. You two must feel quite lost without her.

    We have missed your posts and send you both well wishes.

  11. Sorry to hear about Hannah. Hard to lose a friend.

    Good luck with the house and hopefully you will be able to get out to the trapline. Good luck with the season. Enjoy reading you posts and seeing the pictures. Take care,


  12. Very sorry to hear about Hannah. She had the best owners and a very good life with you. I'm just glad that I was able to meet her.
    Wonderful to hear from you again. All our best to all of you this winter in whatever you will be doing.

  13. So sorry for your loss. She was a great friend....RIP Hannah. Miss you two hope all works to your advantage.

  14. Oh sorry for Hannah, and the best tning is you both of you are ok .... sorry for my english ...

    if you catch wolverine , let me know , maybe have a customer for you ..


  15. So good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about Hannah. As I get older I realize that the only thing that remains static is constant change; the passing of old and the coming of new ... kind of depressing at times. We wish you well with your construction, Christmas, and hopefully some time for trapping. We enjoyed meeting you and hope to make the trip to Atlin in the not too distant future. Take Care.

    Tom, Lisa, Tristen

  16. hi guys sorry about Hannah... she was sure some swell pooch doc and betty

  17. Good to see you folks back online! You were MISSED.
    So sorry to hear about Hannah. Our pups are like our children aren't they?
    Best of luck with the building project. It all takes time and money eh? My house has been under construction since 1985 and STILL doesn't have most of the baseboards and trim on! Piddling little crazy expensive bits of finish.

  18. Sorry to hear about Hannah, just thought I would drop by and see how you folks were doing. Seems that other than Hannah the two of you are doing fine. The house looks Great Bryan. Judy & I wish you a very Happy New Year, and we will check back later to see if you have anymore Trapping Adventures to tell

    Cheers Craig & Judy Gray


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