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Monday, February 11, 2013

This Moose Will Be Dead in 4 Days....

The Wolves will be back.... This Moose will have stiffened up some and will not have the same fight.  There is probably not an animal that has to suffer more than a Moose before it is finally killed by Wolves.  It is very stressful to thing about and so most people don't.   Most times the Moose is still looking at the feasters as they are being eaten alive.  The only hope is that they bleed out and loose consciousness.


  1. So much for the lovey-dovey "Mother Nature" that some folks seem to believe in.

  2. That's just one, of the heartbreaking things you see out there. So much for the wolf lovers.
    Poor moose.
    Some of nature isn't so pretty.

  3. Hello

    Yes, sad.

    Your contrast was not ideal to see the wolf damage. If readers adjust that with a photo program, they can see the horror. (I would attach the result but don't know how!)

  4. Nature can be very cruel sometimes.

    I guess there have been no humane killing technique modules for wolves despite moose being a dominant prey item.


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