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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wolverine... a huge colourful male


 Bryan's hand are huge .... this male,s paws are really big.  It has a beautiful diamond on it's back.  This has been skinned for taxidermy and we are asking 550.00 plus shipping and export fee if needed.  Bryan took all the measurements.  The neck alone on this big boy is 17".  The color is not as yellow as is showing in the photo below.


  1. Never have seen one, but he looks impressive!

  2. I buy 4 wolverines form Brian and Vikki since 3-4 years , all time it a superb animal, very good quatily fur and preparation for taxidermy is just perfect.

    Dont have money for buying this one , look like a beauty too , more powerfull color compared to my male ( the first one ) .

    The Marten in the far right look like to have a special color too.

  3. Hello Vikki,
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    I hope this helps you. Please let me know if you use one of these substitutions and how it works. I've never tried them. Since I live about 5 miles from a grocery store and in a mild climate, I don’t have to worry about baking without eggs, but I’ve kept this information just in case I might need it someday.

    Vikki, You have a great blog and it brings back memories of my visits to my cousin’s homestead an hour’s flight from anywhere (Fairbanks). I will continue reading your blog.

    Pati in Olympia, Washington, USA


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