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Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking to Bryan on the SBX-11A

Bryan's said he made it down there okay but had to unload the Toboggan twice on the steep hills and carry every thing up to the top and drag the Toboggan by hand up.  He'd dried the Toboggan in his shop and applied a thin coating of Kerosene on the Teflon strip but in the 16" of new snow it only helped a little.  
Only one mouse in the trap and he hasn't heard them running around in the ceiling anymore.  He said he made it down to the big creek that flows into the Sutlahine.  Lots of Marten tracks down there.  He'd picked up 2 more near Walkers'.  Today he is putting out sets down by the Sutlahine.  Vikki reminded him that our trapper friends south of us might drop by in their Super Cub tomorrow on their way there.  Bryan said "I'll be back early in the morning."

Keep up the voting.  The first part of this contest is closed.  If you can share our journey out here .... you can sure some of the work.

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