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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moose, Bryan & Henri Bi-Pass Trail Part 6

 The Sutlahine is not a deep river in the winter.  Sometimes 6", sometimes 3 feet.  It is Glacier feed with lots of joining wild creeks.  It is open for 2 kms here.  The bi-pass trail was made by Bryan and Henri last year.  There is no way you can run the river without this bi-pass up the hill and thru the big trees.  It took the two of them 1 day to cut the winter trail.  It's about 400 meters and rises about 50 feet on a bench above the rock knob. 

 It's on these wind swept Mountain sides that the Mountain Goats winter on.

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  1. It is certainly beautiful up there. It amazing how a little sun can make your spirits soar.


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