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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Groundhog Day was Cloudy here

Happy Groundhog Day everyone.  Here on the lake it was Cloudy and still is.  According to the folklore surrounding Groundhog Day, if the Groundhog comes out and sees it's shadow it will be a long wait for spring.  Well, there are no shadows to be seen here and that predicts an early Spring.  We will wait and see.
According to Prince George it was cloudy there also.  This winter has been the mildest we have experienced here... milder than where we came from down near the Canada/US border.  Very strange.  


  1. Hi Vicki and Brian! Thought we'd lost your blog! Came home from our trapline and couldn't find you on my blog list! So glad I finally figured out where you'd gone! lol! Hope your season is going well. Take care! Sue and Trev (your neighbours to the east!)

  2. Lovely! Lea is in first place! Now lets keep voting to keep her there! Way to go Lea!


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