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Saturday, February 23, 2013

All Five of Us Heading to Windy Pond

The weather looks like it is going to be good.  For the next 5 days -3 or -4 C during the day and -9 to -12 at night.  The chickens should be okay and also the potatoes and carrots.  We threw out the last two cabbages and the last orange yesterday.  Still have about 200 lbs of Potatoes, 50 lbs of carrots, 20 lbs of Onions, 4 Garlic bulbs, 4 Turnips, 2 jars Sauerkraut and three apples.  The rest is canned or dry supplies.
Bryan took the trail grader down 16 km yesterday but had to leave it at the bottom of the Steep Drop.  It only got up to the first bench and that was it.  He had to unhook it.  Turn it around and drag it back to the bottom of the climb.  It had gotten too warm during the day.
He left early this morning with a 5 gal jug of gas which he will leave at the bottom of the Steep Drop, then he'll bring the grader back to base camp.  The graded trail will make it easier for old Hannah on the back of the Scandic.
Vikki was able to file their income tax by Netfile and is getting things ready.  We will leave first thing tomorrow morning.  Probably won't Post again until Tues or Wed.   The 2013 Canada Post Community Foundation Stamp Design Competition is suppose to start the final leg on Wed. Feb. 27.  We're pretty sure Bryan's granddaughter Lea will be one of the Five Finalists.  
Bryan returned....  he had been able to pull the grader (250 lbs) up the Steep Drop but only got to the top end of the Long Drop and Miss Piggy, the Scandic spun out.  He had to unhook the trail grader and take it into two pieces.  With a Wolf snare he dragged each piece up the last 100 feet.  He told Vikki "I should have left as soon as we woke up".  The mild weather makes it hard. 

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