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Friday, February 15, 2013

24" in 12 hours

 Probably the most snow in a short period of time in the last five years ( we had 2 feet in 24 hours and another 3 feet two days later then another 2 feet for a total of 7 in 4 days).
Up until last night it had been a really low snow year here.  Only 2 feet on the ground.  The satellite dish wouldn't work and so Bryan went and shoveled off the small cabin roof.  Ishi couldn't wait to get up there with Bryan.  When she could .... she did something hilarious.  Bryan took a video from the small cabin roof.  He threw a stick off the roof and off Ishi flew.  In the video she is going after the stick on the other side of the cabin.  video in next post.


  1. WOW thats a lot of snow, if we have 3 or 4" of snow its a big deal. It looks nice but it gives you guys a lot more work, take care trappers :)

  2. That's a lot to contend with all at once!


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