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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bryan late for SBX-11A check-in...

Dusk had settled and Vikki waited.  She was still working on her Oil painting of the Burl Cabin down near the Inklin by Coleman lantern.  We can't use the generator and use the SBX-11a at the same time. Too much electrical interference.   At 6 pm still no Bryan.  He usually tries to get back by dark.  Vikki heard Tagish on the radio and she called him.  "Bryan's still not back!"  "Oh, he's probably okay.  His skidoo might have got stuck... don't worry." Tagish by. 
Vikki always tries not to worry but her mind can't stop planing what she would have to do if he didn't call in.  He's about 30 km south and it is a 2 1/2 hour trip one way.  
At 6:50 his voice boomed in on the radio.  Vikki called "Finally your back!  I was getting worried."  
Bryan described his day.   He'd made it 6 km down the Sutlahine.  Lots of Marten, Moose, and Wolverine tracks.  The major melt had taken the snow away from the boulders on one section of the river that we have to hug for 200 feet.  It took him 2 to 3 hours to shovel snow from up the bank 30 feet away.  Vikki asked "Could we make a land trail around this section?"  "No, I looked at that option and there is a old 20 feet cut in the bank and it would be a 1/2 km by pass."
"Talk to you in the morning.  Good night."

Please keep voting for Bryan's Granddaughter Lea's Canada Post Stamp Design.  Voting Feb 18 to Mar 22.

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