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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Creek Just about took Out Ice Bridge

 The trip up to take the Marten and Wolverine traps down at the end of February went well.  Lots of Wolf tracks but didn't catch any.  You can see all the Moose hair in the scat.
Center Mountain from the East.

The River had opened up and Bryan had to make a bi-pass up on the bank.  It entailed shoveling a ramp up onto the high bank and then working thru the brush for 150 feet. 
Bryan closed down the far cabin.
While he'd been up at the far Cabin for the two nights the side creek had backed up to the Ice Bridge.  It had filled the whole side creek and froze on top.... then blow out.

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  1. This milder weather certainly brings new dangers with it. Please continue to be very careful.


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