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Saturday, March 16, 2013


After getting  four from each Push Up we shut the Musquash trapping down.  A great total of 45 in a week.  These are big extra fat beautiful Muskrats.  This morning we got a Big Shadow Black Male Wolf.  
Been busy doing inventory of supplies, getting fire wood and getting ready to go out. Counting seed potatoes to fly out and figuring out what can be let freeze and still be good.  We decided to put the Cetol paint in plastic bags plus the 3 remaining Mayo jars down the well on rope.  
 Hopefully we will have Company for the five days before we fly out.  Our friend Gary is suppose to fly in here for a visit.  


  1. Nice-looking 'rats; not a lot of dark skin.

  2. Nice job guys, rats make great mitts for traveling on the skidoo!


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