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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Red/Orange Marten with White Head and both repo parts

Who knows how much this is work.!!!!!!
Last night on the SBX we talked to Dave at Beaver Crow.  He had just done up for taxidermy the strangest marten he has ever seen.  We also have never heard of one like this.
The body is the colour of a Red Fox.  The head is White.  It has a sack plus a small p---- and a female v...........  It is 24" long. 


  1. I just found this online. Not sure about the reproductive parts, but the orange and white is there.

  2. Not sure i understand well ..

    hihi a alian ? or mutation after japan explosion last winter .. ??

    try to post photo ..


  3. A person I know shot a deer like that. Antlers pecker and the female part too. Very stange stuff

  4. Where is Beaver Crow- near Ft Nelson?

  5. Dave said he was north of Fl Nelson.. Up the Lliard then off the Beaver in the Yukon. We don't have a photo.

  6. Reminds me: how did your big swallow with the white plume make out?

  7. wow ... if it look like the photo , it a beauty .. probably not many $$ for a fur seller , but a lot for taxidermy ....

  8. How thick is the lake ice? Safe enough for skidoo travel?


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