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Friday, November 30, 2012

Bryan's Clothing Gear, Generator on Wheels

Leather pack boot is Maverick from Sorel with thick removeable liners.
80 % Wool pants with cargo pockets are made in Canada and go on top of long underwear and he wears a belt plus heavy suspenders.  His thick 75 % Wool shirt is from Woolrich.
These bright orange bib overall are what Loggers and Fallers wear.  They withstand the heavy beating of trail making, and logging and are not easy to melt if too close to a fire.... which most skidoo pants do. 
 These Maverick Sorel boots have closed rings.  Those half open fasteners that most boots have now a days will trip you good one time too many. It is really hard to find any boot like this one. 

 The sheepskin/leather cap and black leather mitts are from
Bryan always wears a ball cap underneath.... the visor keeps the snow out of his glasses.  Also a snud keeps snow from going down his jacket. 
The three fingered faller mitts with 100 % Wool put out liners.... plus the Orange Bid Coveralls and heavy duty suspenders are from Savoy Equipment down in Vernon, BC. If anyone wants their email address just contact us.
 It has been - 24 C last night and the Generator comes in the cabin at any thing below -12 C.  It is on a wheeled trolley for easy handling along the walkway around the cabin.

Exhaust is about 2 feet from the propane divider. 


  1. Interesting to see that wool garments are the main choice . Thanks for showing this Trappers :)

  2. Where does he buy the wool pants? Hard to find.

  3. Nothing worse that getting a bit damp in this weather we have been having lately.
    Cold hands and cold feet. Brrrr.
    -35 the other day here in town.

    Good idea for the propane too.

  4. Green 100% Wool cargo pant is from Cabelas

  5. Thanks for that. Also, one lighter should be kept in a waterproof wrap, like saran wrap or a condom tied shut. If you need fire in a hurry, a wet lighter won't work.

  6. Do you find the generator is too hard to start if left out in temps colder than -12?

  7. I think generators generate self heat after they start and can work in very low temperature but the most important thing is how can we starta generator firstly in colder environments as you have.


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