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Friday, November 16, 2012

Marten Season Starts

With only 7" of snow on the ground the little Tundra 300 was the first skidoo used this season.  Ishi was really excited to be going somewhere.  Bryan came back with 3 Marten.  He said Lots of squirrel and rabbit and Marten sign and a Fisher.

Two in the feed bag and one in the trap.

 Today Bryan took Miss Piggy... the Scandic 800 Super Wide Track Skidoo and just went down to the end of the lake.  He said he had no trouble and that Ishi was really good.  So it brings the total up to 7. 


  1. Your white season has arrived! Really good to hear Rick taking over the sched!

  2. Dick from Watson Lake will be taking over On Sched

  3. Ah yes, Dick it is, Sorry.

  4. Trap on brother whats the best bait for martin in your opinion?


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