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Monday, November 12, 2012

Log Sled from old Chrome Bumpers

 These are recycled Chrome Bumpers from an old Chevy or Buick maybe..... It was hear when we got here and has come in real handy at times.  The bunk swivels and has teeth on it. 

 To load a log or piece of firewood, Bryan chain the bunk together so that it can not move and he puts a 6' to 8' piece of board onto top high corner of bunk and rolls the log onto the bunk with a peeve.
He then undoes the chain and puts the chain around the log and the center of the bunk so that the log does not fall off.

The C bolt works the best.
We exchanged all the hitches on the skidoos to Pinto hooks.  They are fast and easy.


  1. Great to have you posting. That log sled gives me an idea for pulling logs out to the road. Are those Pintle hooks aftermarket?


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