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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Harvest Time, Trumpetors and Mountain Goat

 Bryan's been gone now for another 4 days.  He's pushing the trail while he can.  -13 Celsius last night.  The ice is starting to form around the shore and in the narrows.  10 days earlier than last year. 
 These three Trumpeter Swans landed on their trip down south.  Also Vikki saw a Mountain Goat just behind the cabin on the hill.

Steaming Turnip Greens for Canning.
 We plant a big garden in late May and then leave it on it's own with no watering, no extra care.  It is always amazing the good things that are there waiting for us when we get back here in the fall.  This year we harvested over 450 lbs of Yukon Gold, Russets, and  Prospector's Pride Potatoes,  150 lbs of Carrots, 3 lbs of Beets (failure) but lots of Beet Greens.  5 lbs of Turnips (failure) but again lots of Greens for canning.  150 lbs of Tomatoes, 25 Cabbages, and lots of Chives and Dill.
 It takes Vikki about two weeks to store or can and put it all away in the crawl space.  Bryan had already dug up most of the potatoes and washed them and put them down stairs.
The Roma Tomatoes are dried on the wood stove and when pliable put in Olive Oil.
The Chives are cut and dried and used all winter in food like Bannock with cheese, or soups. 

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  1. I am envious of your potato and carrot patch! This was my first year gardening since we moved to the Yukon. I got 40lbs of potatoes in a relatively small spot. I cannot wait to see how much I get next year in my expanded spot! My carrots took quite the hit thanks to some sort of small rodent; it went under the dirt and snacked away on my carrots!!


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