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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Socks..... the best for outdoor and winter living

All you wilderness people know how important Socks are.  If your feet are cold you have trouble even before you start.  
Bryan always used Icelandic Wool Socks in the 1970's and 80's and paid 12.00 a pair then when people were used to paying 2.00.  His logging crew used to pull the socks up over their wool pants and use Duct Tape to hold them up during the long work day on sidehill.  After a couple of years they became thinner and thinner.
BUT THE REDHEAD LIFETIME GUARANTEE ALL PURPOSE SOCKS FOR MEN  Wool blend socks blow any other sock away.  These are only available through BASSPRO.COM for  9.99 US or 12.00 in the Canadian branches of the store.  Bryan picked us up some when he was visiting his daughter in Calgary at the Basspro Store there.  
They never fall down, don't need to be duct taped.  They are really extremely thick even after years and years of use.  The MOST important thing is ....they are so warm. 
We use them summer, fall and winter when out in the bush.   
Vikki buy's the men's medium (and puts a piece of coloured yarn on them to keep them easy to sort) and Bryan the men's XL.  He has size 13 boots.
Manufactures do not make any women's socks that are worth buying.  You will freeze your feet off in almost anything made directly for women.  The manufactures believe a women is going to be on the ski hill for half an hour and then in the ski chalet for 4 hours.


  1. Good to know. Tramp 1 needs new wool socks for winter. Thanks!

  2. Its good to have kit you can trust :)

  3. These Socks would make anyone happy for Christmas...Vikki puts a little tuft of coloured wool on her's so the difference is easy to sort.

  4. Hello 2 Tramps... I changed the name of the socks to the exact kind.


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