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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wolves Come Right to Fence

 Vikki went out to cut wild hay for the winter trapping and the chickens and found that the Wolf pack had come right up to the electric fence.  It's a big pack.  
Talking to Bryan on the SBX radio last night he also said the Wolf pack howled for 2 hours yesterday afternoon within a km of him.  He kept on telling Ishi..... "That the Boogie Wolf"

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  1. I've been so busy,not following anything but my nose for the past months. Winter has arrived without much snow as yet but temperatures are beginning to dip. Not much wildlife to report in my neck of the woods,just lots of coyotes.They've had a few good winters are multiplying,next mange will run through.Some are big and very pretty,look like wolves! They're well fed.There was some sleat and light rain causing that hard crust so deer will be easier to catch. Here in town I only see hundreds of ravens which I admire for their ability to survive our bitter months.I've read that the ones in the far north get even bigger than ours.On the road to the farm they have a few spots for fast food at its where deer have been hit.
    I have a busy week ahead as my best friend since childhood passed away on Saturday afternoon.

    Hope you two are having a good winter so far. Take care.


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