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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ishi the Fearless Mouse Killer

Down at the Line Wall Tent last week Bryan said a really funny thing happened.  He was laying on the bed reading his Kobo and there was a candle on the small table.  Bryan became aware of movement.  There on the table was a mouse.  
Bryan nudged Ishi beside him and pointed...   Off went Ishi faster than crazy.  Bryan was amazed.  Ishi ran round and round the wood stove (Bryan all the while thinking it was going to be nocked over....  then Ishi had the mouse in the wood pile and was pulling the logs out with her teeth.  Finally she started to pounce over and over again with her feet.  Bryan went over and there was one dead mouse and Ishi looking at Bryan out of the corner of her eyes..... "Did I do well????


  1. If Ishi ever wants to vacation in the fall I could use an enthusiastic mouser. You had great garden production. Despite more than normal effort our production was down. We're in about our 4th year of drought in central and norther MN. Basically there was no snow last winter and no rain after the 4th of July.


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