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Monday, October 29, 2012


Bryan came back on Sat. night exhausted.  He had been gone 6 nights.  Monday 200 feet of new cut trail, Tues. 720 feet,  Wed. 600 feet, Thurs. 420 feet, Friday 360, Sat. 120 feet.  He had to come back to base camp because he was out of chainsaw gas and he also know Vikki was not feeling too hot.  On her right side there is something wrong (appendix????).  
Bryan stayed til he know Vikki was feeling better.  (At one time she was getting packed to go out by helicopter).  So off he went at noon today to try to make the last 540 feet to where we can travel on the sand bar.  Light snow is expected tomorrow but hopefully will let him stay down there the 2 or 3 days he needs. 
Bryan told Vikki it was as terrible as it gets for trail making.  Lots of vine willow, High bush Cranberry, Devil's Club and large fallen dead trees, some of them piled 5 feet high.  
Bryan told Vikki of the Spiders.... weather had been about -10 to -14 Cel all week.  
Because there is no snow yet also the traveling is only 2 miles an hour on the quad and also the sun was right at the horizon and it highlighted what he was able to see, just like when you see air borne lint in a sunny window.
Zillions of spider webs so thin you could hardly see them..... 90% heading straight down.  A few a little sideways.  Every rose bush had 50 or more spider webs hanging straight down,  also very low tree.  Condensation sparkled on the little webs.  These spiders were going down to hide in the leaves and cracks in the ground for the winter.
Spiders are so important.   Without spiders we would be over whelmed with insects.  Why humans spray insecticide so indiscriminately.... is so short sighted.



  1. I guess nearly everyone has their phobias, while almost no-one really understands how inter-connected everything is. Sounds like a lot of hard work on the trail.

    Would you consider moderating the comments and ditching the word verification? They seem to be making it harder to decipher all the time.

  2. Good idea Gorges..... I will add moderating thanks Vikki

  3. I just got a surprise in my grapes today!! I found a black widow spider in the grapes that traveled all the way from California to Faro. I froze it outside and then took pictures of it. So interesting!

  4. One should always look to see what one is putting in their mouth. Bryan said he looked down at his last piece of sandwich just before putting it in his mouth and there was a big Wild Rose Thorn sitting on top of the bread.


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