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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spirit Walkers

 -13 8:30 am Dawn breaking.   The 20 to 30 Km winds from the East are wicking the warmth out of the lake.  Large columns of misty fog are flying west, some of them 100 feet tall.  Usually we see "the spirit walkers" slowly proceeding across the lake but now they are being driven.  The narrows are 10 days early in starting to freeze.  This wind will either set it up faster or blow out the thin ice crust.

 Vikki usually makes Sauerkraut in a big plastic bail but this year she found a way to make smaller size containers.  Found it on   These are 1.5 gal jars.  
We will find out in 3 or 4 weeks it this works...

 Our friend Gord from Alberta made this Garlic Masher for Vikki when he visited here with Vic in 2008.  It worked great as a cabbage bruiser.
 After 24 hours Vikki removed the cloth and leaf and added more brine and placed a small glass bowl on the top.  

Below Vikki is trying Roasted Garlic from The Boreal Gourmet by Michele Genest.  A big bag of Garlic will not last long before starting to sprout and so this is a good idea.  The olive oil preserves it. 
Vikki also tried canning some of the gloves.

 Now we saved lots of the Moose fat and the birds will sure enjoy it now that it is getting cold.  Vikki tried putting chopped up fat into her Vita-Mix but it didn't work.  So she cooked the fat on the wood stove and then put it in the Vita-Mix along with some ground up grain, and it worked.  After added some bird seed and finding a plastic container to freeze it in.  Nothing gets thrown away here.

Cut the bottom 2 " out of this Chocolate Milk jug which was a treat for Bryan when we went out this summer.

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