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Sunday, December 9, 2012

24 Hours in the life of Vikki while Bryan's checking trapline

 Til noon she was busy getting supplies ready for Bryan to go for 3 days working on extending the trap line.
Because the generator was on to get heat into the crawl space (-25 C), Vikki first filled up all the water containers and the culdruns on the woodstove, then she went onto the computer.  Found a supplier for Rat Tailed Radishes... an edible pod Radish that is hard to find.  Checked in to how to make the Blog better.  Put Skype & Phone #'s on Bryan's small computer that was hooked up yesterday, so that he can call friends, family.... from kitchen table.  Posted on our two Blogs.  Checked BC Hydro bill for shop in Atlin (found out it was costing about 17.00 a month).  We'd put 700 on account three years ago....didn't want to have them shut off the power for our freezer there. 
Did laundry and hung up to dry in cabin. Turned off Generator.  Packed in firewood to chickens and our cabin.
Tended Chicken's fire in shinning shed.
At 5 pm lit oil lamps, turned on SBX, poured herself a glass of red wine and heard Bryan call her.  Listened to others calling for a bit. Makes spaghetti and Hannah supper.  Read Uncle Tom's Cabin on her Kindle.  Checked chickens and put them up on their porches.  They get stuck in the dark down on the cold floor.
Tend Fire in cabin and head to bed at 7:15 to read more. 
1 a.m.  Get up and tend fire downstairs and again at 5:30 am (also Hannah went out for a pee).
Up at 8:30 am...  make coffee, tend fire, turn on SBX at 9 for Bryan's check in call.  Filled up generator and brought into cabin to warm up.   Drink coffee and read kindle to 10:00.  

 Vikki always leaves Bryan's coffee out on the kitchen table.  Doesn't want to bring bad luck to him.

 Brought in stuff to replenish supplies from storage shed. Did dishes and swept the floor.  Cut up frozen moose fat for making Bird suet cakes.
Fixed Bryan's Crocs with Shoe Glue.  
Worked on map for Bryan.
1pm prepared Fisher Skull.... for CO in Atlin's collection for school presentations.
Any woman who thinks she would be bored and have nothing to do..... she need not worry.  It is finding the time and energy to get all the things done that must be done.


  1. I'm glad that you take time to read. I've been missing that lately, but suddenly managed to read four books in the last week. Maybe that will do me for a few weeks!

  2. Vicki, do you know dermistid, it for cleaning skull, i used this method, with small animal like fiher, you just need to remouve the fur, eye, togue and brain. ( some time no remouve at all, but dermistid dont like fresh meat , you just put the skull over the heating scource )

    dont smell bad like boiled, and clean with perfection. some take few days some weeks but nothing more to do ...

    500 dermistid can eat a deer skull in a 2 weeks .

    the only thing you need it a container with a cover, put a mersh on it and keep the container at 70-80degre , for sure not close to dring fur .

    if you resell your skull it a easy way to make a lot

  3. Stef... we do not want any bugs here that can eat the fur or our taxidermy. I'll do it the old boil it way.


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