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Monday, December 10, 2012

There is Sun Out There.

Bryan found the Sun and was so impressed he stopped took a picture and had a coffee in it.   Up in the high Walkers Valley and down on the Sutlahine there is sun for 4 hours a day.  
Vikki has gotten out the bottle of Vitamin D supplement and both will start to take it all winter long.  We were worried at first about the lack of sunlight making a depressed mind but it has only happened a couple of times to Vikki when she is stuck in the cabin for a couple of months.  Soon she will be out on the trap line each day with Bryan.  


  1. Finding sunshine like that is a reason to revel in it! Even if you can't see the sun, the fact that you will have bright light will be enough to dispel SAD. I had to move back up here from the coast for that reason.

  2. I feel for you. The lack of sun is can be demoralizing.

    Our home is situated in such an area we loose the sun from about the 3rd week in October till mid March. Although when we go to town we get to feel the sun on our backs... when its not raining of course.


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