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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Heating Crawl Space with Wood Stove Heat from upstairs.

 Keeping the crawl space (where we keep the potatoes, carrots, cabbages, Onions, Canned Moose meat etc etc etc....) plus have the water pump and bladder from freezing in - 17 C and below... was always a real stress for us.  Bryan thought of this three years ago and it really helps.  Down below on the floor of the crawl space he inserted a induct fan which is plugged into the electrical system.  Every time the generator runs and the wood stove is hot that little fan pushes the warm air from around the stove down into the crawl space. 

That fan part that Bryan fixed with Gorrila Glue last week is that inline duct fan.  A new one is on our shopping list.
That the fresh air ducting into the Blaze King Wood stove.
 The water pump is in the opposite corner of the crawl space from the ducting.  Bryan said next time he would put the pump in a different place.  But it is hard in a little cabin.
Vikki did some make shift drip catching buckets.  There is only a drip every 10 minutes.  If Bryan takes it all apart we might not have the correct parts to fix the problem and a store is 300 kms away.  Also no plane is expected in here til mid Jan or Feb.


  1. Just a thought. What if you had coiled copper pipe (with antifreeze) that was alongside the stove to pickup heat which then transitioned to pex which was close to and wrapped with insulated pipe wrap to the pipes in your crawl space.

    I have been wondering what to do when my pressire tank in the crawl space needs to be replaced and then thought why not bring it into the house in the laundry room where its more accessible.

  2. I've been thinking about this since last year. I like the 'forced air' concept and I'm sure you're already thinking about how to distribute the warm air a bit more diversely. My brainstorm of late also works on the hot air going down concept. Your wood stove is on tiles on top of the floor which probably insulates the bottom of the stove pretty well. So could you have the stove on a think piece of steel that was open to the crawl space? It might radiate enough to help. My other thought was that if you vented that black pipe to the outside AND if you had enough of a draft it might draw more warm air though the pipe. Stay warm.


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