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Friday, December 7, 2012

Generator Quits, Lamp Switch, MOOSE TURNIP Pie, Shoe Glue Fur insoles

There we were last night sitting there watching "All Creatures Great & Small"  DVD from the books of James Herriott, when the generator stopped.  We were taken aback and were fumbling for matches to light the oil lamp and find the flashlight.  It will have to be looked at in the daylight.  
-25 C.  Next morning Bryan drained the oil...and changed the oil from 10/30 to 5/30.   He also changed the spark plug which with the Honda tool provided is not fun.  It has been added to his list of things to be welded up when we go out.  
 The generator is working fine now but when Vikki went to turn off the light over the chair she couldn't.  The toggle switch is going.

Make up some pie pastry.
Brown Moose chunks, onion and celery (we don't have any)
Add to lined pastry in roasting pan.
Brown cut up Turnip, Carrots and place on top of meat.
Add a little salt and pepper.
Top with a little cheese.
Place Lid on and put on wood stove for about an hour.  
 Vikki always put Roasting Pan on a cookie sheet so that the bottom of the dish doesn't burn.

 Vikki loves her UGG slippers but they need new liners.  She cut up a old piece of fur coat and Shoe Glued the fur onto cardboard. 

Yesterday after Bryan had put up new stove pipe, shoveled the cabin roof, skinned the Fisher he went and tried to lay the trail a long the  south shore of the lake.  He was driving "Poncho" the 550 Tundra Long Track and Ishi stayed home.  He said he was going 40 miles an hour in some spots and flying over the open water that appeared as he went by.  He hugs the shore and it is only 2 to 3 feet deep there but it would not be fun to get stuck there in -25 C. 
Today after getting the Gen up and running, he headed out on the Scandic 800 SWT "Miss Piggy" with two days supplies and Ishi to check the trap line up at Walkers Valley.  Bryan isn't going the trail he broke yesterday.  He is going on the shore trail which has many steep climbs. Soon Vikki will be able to go with him... once the lake shore is frozen solid. 


  1. Was that ride thrilling enough, Bryan?
    That pie makes me hungry!
    I bet that old fur coat would make great mitt liners too!

  2. Very odd stop for the generator. I'd diagnose that as some sort of fuel problem. Wrestling it apart might have dislodged whatever was the problem. If it was warm and running it s/b run until out of fuel. Strange. Last weekend I put fresh gas (92 octane) and Stabil in all my summer equipment and quad. Could not get my vintage (as opposed to my two 'modern' JDs) John Deere mower started. Seemed to be a fuel problem, but winter is upon us here in central MN with 16F and 8" of snow predicted for SUN or MON.

  3. You guys are busy, thanks Bryan&Vikki for keeping the blog going, and sharing what happens in your part of the world :)


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