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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Honda Generator Quit On Vikki again, Freezing Lemons

 Vikki had been on the computer, got her blogging done and had went and filled up all the water contains... so when the gen quit she didn't panic.  Even if she hadn't filled the water contains there's enough snow outside to get water for anything she needed to do.  Bryan would be back in a couple of days.  She went and looked if the gen needed oil but a couple of oz flowed out. 
When she checked the last of the fresh lemons Vikki decided to freeze the remainer.  She will just grate the frozen lemon, skin and all.
Christmas music on the XM radio is very cheery at this time of year.  Christmas baking of different cookies filled her day but the dark comes early at 4 pm now.  When on a little holiday this summer with her Mum Vikki found these little lights powered by AA Batteries.  It is surprising how they also brighten the spirits.

 Lights say they can be seen on  but I didn't check it out.

 These are Star Anise Cookies...
Those little lights will get good use out here in the cabin. 

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