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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Supplies For 6 Months... you try it!!!!

When you know you have to bring in 6 months supplies for 2 people, 2 dogs, a cat and 2 chickens... it takes a bit of planning.  One lady said to Vikki "It's hard enough to go off for a two week camping trip... 10 months... forget it".
A lot of prep work was done before flying out here in Sept.
Next year we will get a electric cook stove for our place in Atlin but we are making do with a old hotplate right now.  At left are meatballs being cooked so that Vikki can add gravy and can. 
 Fresh fresh is put in small bags and froze.
Bacon is cut into manageable pieces and wrapped separate and froze.
 A big package of chicken thighs is precooked and canned.
Large blocks of cheddar and mozzarella cheese are cut into smaller pieces ... put in freezer bags and froze.
 Vikki also has to can meat for the month of Sept. because we had to go Moose hunting.
 Vikki ordered 2 big boxes of pork sausages and canned them up.  You don't fry them.. you boil them.  Scim off the floating fat and discard.  After sausages are poked into the jar you add the hot broth they cooked in and can them.
We've got a 1999 Silverado Truck for getting supplies from Whitehorse, Yukon to Atlin, BC which is 200 km away.  That truck gets filled up three times....  and I mean packed.  
The first year we came out here for the trapping season we were new to all this.  By Jan. Vikki realized the toilet paper was not going to last.  Every time she took some she put 2/3rd of it back on the roll.  Even then our Trapper friend south of here had to drop some off in March on his way by.  One year we ran out of toothpaste and cornstarch.  Everything is used in moderation.
This year Vikki didn't bring in enough Coffeematte.  We still have 4 Large Containers but that will only last until the end of January.   
Anyway..... back to getting supplies.  All the frozen stuff is divided and put into small cardboard boxes and put in the deep freeze in Atlin.  It could not come out with us in Sept. because we were going Moose hunting and the little freezers we have out on the trap line were not plugged in.  Also the Moose goes in there.  So in mid October just before our pilot friend takes off his floats for the season he flies one more load in here with the freezer supplies and rest of the load.  By then the Moose we had shot was wrapped and frozen.  We only have to run the Honda generator til the lake starts to freeze in early November. 

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