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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snowmobile SWT or WT????

 We've owned a SWT for 5 years .  We've found it very reliable and extremely good in deep powder snow and probably the best machine I've ever driven on overflow.  It is not a great hill climber except on hard packed trail on a hill... you can just idle up.  If you are riding for 8 hours the SWT is hard to take with your legs spread wide like that.
Early in the season when there is less than a foot and a half of snow and there is no base underneath... the SWT can be described as a "PIG".  The skiies will not steer this enormous rack.  At this time of the year we use the smaller skidoos with regular tracks (Tundra 300 and 550 Tundra LT 16" x 156").
The WT is going to fall between those two.  It will never be as good as either of the others for certain conditions but if you only have one machine...  maybe the Wide Track is the one.... but I've never owned one.

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  1. That trail cutting looks sooo familiar!


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