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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why Bring in the Generator to warm up first?

We had this question asked when we mentioned by brought in our Honda 3000 Invertor Generator when temps reached -12 C.  This is Bryan's reply.....  
When you heat or chill different metals, they expand and contract at different rates and extremes.  All of the parts in a modern engine are machined to mesh perfectly at operation temperatures.  Cold starts and overheating and dirty oil are the only real enemies an engine has.  Also, the lead acid starting battery works much better when warm and is still the original (6 years old).  I change the oil every 100 hours.  This little generator has about 3500 hours on it and does not leak any oil, a sure sign of abuse, and runs like new, mind you, it is a Honda! 

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  1. You've sure got that right Bryan. My first car had 666,000 kms on it when I sold it. It was always plugged in when cold, I always let it warm up before driving and changed oil every 4,000kms. This one, I change oil every 3,000 kms. So far the engine has 300,000 kms on it and NO oil consumption!


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