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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bryan.... come home at day break!

 Vikki called Bryan at 5 on the SBX and they talked about their day and Bryan said he'd be home late the next day.  Vikki said I'll call you back at 6:30 tonight.  As she was sitting in the dark beside the wood stove she could hear crystals falling in the stove pip.  Looking up she saw trouble.  At 6:30 pm no Bryan.... she waited and called again, then waited another 5 minutes.  Finally when she heard Bryan .... she said "You'd better come home at day break." 
At daybreak here he came home to a bunch of problems....(both of them had spent some time in the night worrying.
 The bottom two sections had been replaced two years ago and now the top section was replaced.
We use a telescoping slip joint.  Two screws are placed at the top and none at the joint.
The bottom two sections are screwed together.  Remember the pipes become longer when hot and shorter when cold.  You can slide it up to clean out the top of the Blaze king Wood Stove

Water was running after the Buddy Heater ran for a bit.


  1. Did your water freeze up?

  2. Hey Bryan&Vikki you guys have a lot of things to keep on top of hats off to you :)


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