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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve.... Checking the trapline

 -27 C.  At 12:30 we both got ready and off we went to check Walkers Valley Line. 
 This year there are lots of Grouse.  This one was scared up out of the snow where it had been sleeping in it's warm hole.  They dive down into fields of deep snow.... then walk in further away from the hole.  There was three in this bunch.

It's about 2 pm and the sun is just skimming the hills but we sat and had a coffee for 20 minutes soaking it up.
 Lots of Marten sign.

Warming the hands.  Our feet got a little cold.  We are going to try out the Bunny Boots we have. 


  1. You will like those bunny boots,nice and toasty and waterproof. They are all I wear now, all winter..

  2. More beautiful pictures! The snow conditions look just perfect for you too.

  3. My wife have always a cool feet, i buy for her a beaver fur boot, she never so confort in her life, so hot ... look that , my wife it black but the same one ;;

    if all it god for me , next item i want it a fur sawing machine... for make hat a mitten my-self ...

    You can remouce this add .. it only for you ..

    We just come back to the middle nrth in QC, take a week off, few hunting and ice fishing ( trout ) ... lt f fun .

    Vikki, try that, if brian take a hare, propably it the same to eat a spruce, try that, remouve the maximum muscles,and cut it like a little steaks, just put it on the fire in a pan... nothing more , a hare it not enought for my girl..

    Have a wonderful 2013 year ...

    And about wolf, why Brian dnt try a hunting trip, just put all carcass in a open area, and you call it after few days, probably not a problem to shot it at few hundreds feet to Brain, just make a good little call... rabbit in detreass..



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