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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Talking a Walk with a 45 .70

- 12 C.   Now Bryan thinks Vikki is being silly but she does it anyway.  We've seem tracks of Grizzly out at this time of the year and there are Wolves all over the place.  Also it is like lifting a dumbbell.  Good exercise.  
We've had little new snow and it is settling.  The prickly Devil's Club are sticking out.


  1. I recently read an interesting article about a trapper in Alaska (I think) who was attacked by a wolf while riding his snowmobile. The assumption was rabies. Be cautious.

  2. One of the best bush guns ever built! Hope you're using the 405 grain bullets. They'll go through trees and still hit the target! A wolf or grizzly knows when its been hit with one of those!

  3. Glad you show what Devil's Club is for those who don't know. Nasty stuff to tangle with.


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