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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All About Moose

 Now Moose are Vikki's favorite animal next to dogs and a few cats.
 When Mark the author of this great web site contacted us and complimented us on our lifestyle he said check out my web site.  Vikki spent about an hour there and could have been there all day.  Do yourself a favor and look it up.  That watch above is a limited issue Canada Post watch that is Vikki's out of the bush and dress up watch.  The Christmas lights above we found at
This is a Cactus Horn Antler from a Moose that was injured in the private area when he was young. 

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  1. Interesting set of moose antlers.

    Deformed antlers are very often caused by damage occurring in the spring of the year during the early growth stages. If the blood flow is interrupted to the bone the antlers will not develop correctly, thus resulting in deformities.

    BTW: Thanks for the referral. ~ Mark


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