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Monday, December 31, 2012

Scandic 800 SWT High Centered... New Years Eve

-4 C Snowed 2" last night.
In our check-in on the SBX-11a this morning, Bryan told Vikki at dusk last night he had to abandon the Scandic and he snowshoed the last 300 feet to Windy Pond Line CabinMice had got in over the summer and it was a mess.  
He said he had pushed the trail 1 1/2 km from Snake Swamp.  The steep trail down into Windy Pond (150') he packed and shoveled without his snow shoes on.  It was light fluffy powder.  He is hoping it will set up and he can get back up that hill tomorrow.  He'd rode down the hill on "Miss Piggy" and got stuck on something.  He was hi centered... couldn't go forward or backwards.   He thinks it is probably a 3" stump or something.  Vikki said she was concerned about that heavy skidoo falling over on him if he shoveled out one side.  He said he wasn't going to do that... he would feel with his hand to find what was the problem and cut it out with his chainsaw.
We made a call schedule at 2, 3, 4 and 7 pm.  One of those times Vikki will find out that all is okay again.  Bryan is 24 km away.  
Once he gets unstuck he will put out some traps.  Looks like we will be apart for New Year's Eve.   But Vikki got out her oil paints yesterday and now she doesn't need to clean up the kitchen table until tomorrow.  So it will work out.  


  1. Happy New Year to both of you and to all your fellow trappers out there!

  2. Happy 2013 to you! Thanks for the blog too.

  3. Since my son was ten he has responded to predicaments like this with the standard comment "with a system of levers and pulleys you could move this." Usually it's in a situation where you have no such options, where it simply requires hard, cautious work. Good luck.

  4. Sounds like something went up in between the track and the front of the tunnel or into the track from the side. Sure hope it wasn't the drive chain.

  5. Hi Bryan and Vikki,
    Just wondering what the frequency you use on the SBX. Maybe with some luck I could pick you up down here!

    Thanks for keeping your bolg going, the wife and I really enjoy your adventures.


  6. Wish You Happy new year ...Nice post..


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