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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year...... New Water!!!!

The Honda 3000 generator quit about 3pm New Years Eve.  It had been blowing black smoke and then quit.  Only -4 C.  It has got to be the fuel...
So Vikki couldn't let you know that Bryan got out of his problem okay.  In fact it was no problem.... just  a bent over alder rammed up under the running board and with the 4' of powder the skidoo needed a little chainsaw help.  It was decided on the SBX check at 2 pm in that he'd come back New Years afternoon.  Bryan said Ishi and he had a great time for 15 minutes while he played the harmonica and Ishi howled, yipped and yodeled alone with him.   Vikki spent New Years Eve oil painting by Coleman Lamp listening to the radio.  At 7pm she talked to Bryan on the SBX for a minute... really poor signals.  
This big plastic container was packed full of snow and look how much water you get from it.  Lots of trappers depend on snow melt and it is a lot of work for the results.  
Bryan got back yesterday at 2 pm and said "Before I take off my heavy cloths lets do the well cleanup".  We try to do it twice a year.  It was only -2 C so the perfect day.  It requires brushing down the sides of the well with a corn broom, stirring up the bottom of the well with a heavy stick.  Putting the Honda water pump into the crawl space, hooking up the suction hose into the well, laying the 3"
fire hose out of the cabin window and out into the yard, opening up all the cabin windows, putting Bee in her carrying case out side.  Starting the Honda pump and everyone going out side.  It is a terrible job but well worth the effort.  The whole thing took about 2 hours to do.  A rock went up into the wheel of the pump so Bryan had to take the pump apart and then he made a heavy screen out of Marten box screen which held the end off the bottom 4 ".
This morning Bryan tackled the water pump.
Something was jammed in the foot valve.  It would loss its pressure back down the well.  So today that foot valve was replaced.  New running water for the New Year... one of the best of gifts.  
Now this is a working trap line, the lines need to be checked every 3 days. Vikki was going to go today but the snow conditions are loosey.... climbing the hills is going to be hard.  Off they went to spend the night at the Inklin Cabin.  We are running out of spark plugs for the Honda.  If I don't post you will now that the generator has stopped again.  I have emailed Honda World in Whitehorse and Chris will pick us up a dozen. 


  1. That's tough luck on the generator. My first thought was fuel. I'm sure you've figured this out, too that it's the barrel. Can you filter the fuel as you take it out of the barrel. Hands-on gas stuff is good to avoid but you might be able to filter whatever is there...bad barrel. Belated Happy New Years. I've not commented much but enjoyed your posts (as always). My mother has been ill and passed away New Years Eve.

  2. Im glad your water is running again and I hope that the spark plugs last out :)

  3. Sorry to hear that Art. I hope the rest of your year will be better
    Bryan, what are the dimensions of your well?


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