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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bad Snow Conditions make the Line checking extra hard

Ishi's collection of throwing sticks that she gathers while Bryan is in the line cabin.
It was snowing heavily when Bryan left.  He was concerned if he waited it would make the trip even more difficult. 
On the first big hill he spun out 30' from the top.  Hill is 400 feet long.  Had to unload the toboggan, throw it off the trail, back "Miss Piggy" back down the hill and then kept running up at the hill til he got the Scandic 800 to the top.  Then he had to pack all the stuff up the hill and then go after the toboggan.  It was - 17 C, the snow was not wet but it stuck to the skis and the bottom of the toboggan. 

Bryan thought it might be frozen friction.  The toboggan is lined with Teflon strips.
He had to do the whole thing again for three more hills.  That's in 25 kms.  The worst hill was at Canyon Creek.  It is also 400 feet to the top.  He got only 1/3 up and had to take the toboggan off and go through the whole process mentioned above.  
When he checked in with Vikki on the SBX he said "I am really tired".   


  1. Trapping is definitely not for the "faint of heart". Ishi appears to be the ultimate of companions ... never questioning, always faithful. I see water marks in the corner of the cabin, is that the result of condensation? (just curious, I plan to build a line cabin based on your design).

  2. Man, that guy just won't quit! How much snow do you have there now? At the lake and up Walker's Valley?

  3. I agree with George... Bryan has more get-up-and-go than most.


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