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Friday, January 4, 2013

Bull Moose Still in the Rut.... Overflow

 -1 Cel.  Down on the Inklin Bryan saw lots of Moose tracks, then out on a 40 acre islandie sandbar was a big Bull.  As Bryan took the picture he noticed the area was all torn up.  He'd interrupted a fight.  There, about 30 feet off was another Bull Moose.  Bull Moose aren't just in the rot on Sept 20....  it last until they drop their horns in mid Jan or Feb.  One layer of cells around the horn goes soft and the horns drop off.  Usually within 5 to 15' of each other.  Then they turn into more of a steer.

 The other bull.
 Just before the Inklin Line Cabin Bryan looked back and the toboggan was floating.  1' of water in 2' of snow.  He got off "Miss Piggy", the Scandic 800 SWT, unhooked the toboggan, shoveled the snow out from in front of "Miss Piggy", drove out.  Got a 20' rope and pulled the toboggan free.  If Vikki had been following on her Tundra 300 she would have been really stuck.

 Bryan hung up the 5 Marten and squirrel to thaw.  Ishi stood guard occasionally looking back at Bryan.... saying "Well!!!!!"
An American Dipper


  1. Oh that slush can be really nasty stuff. Good thing he was able to drive out of it!

  2. Does an American Dipper go into the water like an Ousel?


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