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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anxiety Builds... Company is hard on Bush people

Even though Vikki is really happy a plane is coming in, she finds herself wearing out the floor.  "Good Grief, people are coming!"  It takes it's toll on her emotions. Constantly listening for the coming plane.   Finally she went and took a Equate (Gravel) pill.  Bryan isn't here but he is coming. (Remember we've been out here alone since the beginning of Sept.)
They were suppose to met at the hanger at 10 am.  It's a 45 to 55 minute flight.  Vikki went out and warmed up her little Tundra and kept listening.  The Beaver DeHavilland came in so quietly she didn't hear it til it was right in front of the cabin.  On the Icom hand radio she said "I didn't even hear you coming, I looked and there you were."  Chris the pilot replied... "Oh I can be quiet when I want to.  Didn't want to scare those Mountain Goats behind the Lodge."

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