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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nolan's First Rabbit.

I am so proud of my Grandson Nolan.  This is his first rabbit trapping.  My wonderful daughter Kim was visiting my other wonderful daughter Theresa after Christmas and took her nephews Nolan and Malcom out to trap rabbits. 
My mother taught me how to trap rabbits when I was 5 years old out in northern Saskatchewan.  It added to our winter meat supply.  Some years you could see 20 rabbits in the area at once.  I still always carry a couple of rabbit snares in my wallet.  It lets me know that I won't starve to death.  Thank you Kim, Theresa and Kevin for passing it on to the next generation.  love Dad


  1. Way to go young fella! You are learning things that most people wouldn't have a clue about! I taught my boys to snare rabbits too. And hunt.

  2. Good stuff my old Da taught me about snares when I was young. I'm that the little happy trappers are following in the family tradition :)

  3. He'll remember that rabbit the rest of his life!


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