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Monday, January 14, 2013

Chinook Wind.... major melt

Notice all the snow is off the trees 70' and higher off the lake.
 CHINOOK WIND (Wikipedia)   A warming wind from the ocean into the interior regions of the Pacific Northwest of the USA (Vikki says Canada also).  The Chinook people "eater" lived near the ocean along the lower Columbia River.  A strong Chinook can make snow 1 foot deep almost vanish in 1 day.  The snow partly melts and partly evaporates in the dry wind.
Major Melt...  Okay!!!   We're coming into a major melt.  Last year we had 4.  From temps of -19C it is going to plus 2 today.  
Last night at check-in on the SBX Bryan said he'd broke new trail up to the top of the big hill out of Windy Pond and was under the cliffs.  It had been raining big drops.  At 3:30 pm he tried to turn "Miss Piggy" the Scandic 800 around.  The snow conditions were such that she just spun out.  He shoveled and tried to lift the 900 lb machine but could only move her an inch.  The snow was stuck to her undercarriage and track.  His shovel wouldn't dislodge it's load.  It took 1/2 hour to turn around and he said the big hole that "Miss Piggy" was in after all the shoveling was hard to get out of.  Vikki passed on the inform from George about using Kerosene... Bryan said it wouldn't rub off quickly and sounded like a good idea.
This morning at check-in Bryan said it was lightly raining and about plus 5 C.  He said the skidoo path across the lake  had 1 foot of water on it.  The whole lake was a iron grey.  We arranged a noon check-in.  He was leaving at 9 am to come back to base camp but if he couldn't make it out of Windy Pond area he would turn around and go back to that cabin.  Once he reaches the cut quad trail at Canyon Creek he wouldn't have any trouble, but on the 8 km of skidoo trail the alders and willows might be popping up.  All the heavy snow in the trees will have slipped creating big tree wells. 
This Major Melt is suppose to last til Friday.  Bryan said we should all be able to go down to the Inklin cabin.  The chickens and our potatoes will be okay without fires for a few days.  Vikki is getting ready so no posting til we get back.  She is really looking forward to getting out.
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  1. When I read the first word 'Chinook' I said "Uh-oh!" I wonder how the "warm winds from the ocean" get over to Alberta and the prairies? I hope Bryan can get out okay.

  2. These changing weather patterns are affecting all our lives. It's mid-JAN and I've yet to put on a hat, boots or a warm coat in MN. Last winter I worked all JAN & FEB on a woodlot project in a sweatshirt. Challenges face us all.

    Travel safe. I know more snow would be better for you.


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