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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beaver DeHavilland Flying in today

Vikki was up at 8 and hooked up the generator.  Got the computer up and running.  Called Chris on Skype.  "-7 , light winds from the east.  High overcast with lots of blue sky.  I can see all the tops of the big mountains.  It looks like it is a good fly day here.  Hope it is the same there.  
You should be able to land on the lake air strip, taxi over to the heli pad Bryan laid in front of the big Lodge, let the crew off and then taxi back over to the strip.  See you soon"
The Taku River Tlingit crew are coming in to shovel off the big Lodge roof.  

Please keep voting.  Lea is in 5th spot and is shortening the gap to 4th.  Push the red heart on the right and it will say Thank You   

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