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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ishi Backtracks Lost Vikki

On the SBX-11A check-in tonight Bryan said it was a good run.  4 Marten and a really nice red/silver X Fox.  He said lots of Wolf tracks down by Burl Creek.  
Vikki asked "How did Ishi like me leaving????"  "Well,  I stopped for re-scenting and Ishi always jumps off and sniffs around.  Well, off I went expecting her to run after.   I finally looked behind and "WHAT THE HEC!!!"  I sat there for 5 minutes and finally turned "Miss Piggy" around.  After a bit, here she came "looking shamefaced".  I think she must have run all the way down to the Beaver Ponds."
Vikki said "  I knew she would be concerned, she's a working dog (Border Collie/Blue Healer) and part of the pack had gone missing."   Vikki thinks she ran right down to the lake and couldn't see anything moving and then headed the 4 km back up to met Bryan.  Boy, will she be tired tonight.   

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  1. Ah, poor little Ishi! She was only doing what she thought she was supposed to do!


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