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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shoveling off the Lodge Roof

5 Taku River Tlingit plus Chris, the Pilot, and Bryan shoveled off the roof this time.   "It's like shoveling off a Mountain."  The deep valley's don't allow the snow to slip off this big roof.  Five years ago, in a big snow year, it had to be shoveled off 4 times.  Last year only once.  

Jerry and Phil Jr

Robert jumped off the roof at lunch time ... He had a hard time getting out.

Phil Sr and his son Robert


Chris, the Beaver Pilot

With the 7 of them working they got it finished by 2:30.  It was a good crew.  Vikki had walked the 2 kms back to the cabin.  So on our 3 skidoos they all came back to our place when they were finished.  Visited for a bit and them off they flew.

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  1. I'll bet there was lots of groaning and creaking going on from the lodge as it was relieved of that load!


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