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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Mountains near here.... and out Muskrat checking

 The Muskrat pushups seem to be just air holes.  Not the usual place they are eating the weeds in.  Too difficult to trap.  Bryan just put them back the way they were.

Heading back across the middle of the lake with Vikki following.  A big hole in the ice was overflowing a large area.  Bryan stopped and waved Vikki to keep coming fast.  Bryan's tracks are on the right... Vikki stayed a little off to the side on the previously laid trail.  Her Tundra 300 at full throttle and wagging thru the soft slush.  This will harden up.  Once we lay the lake trail we always use the same path so that the ice gets harder and thicker there.  It's very important especially in the spring.
Bryan placed sticks on one side to mark it.


  1. Actually Bryan, you could fashion a box and place it over the hole, chop out a spot for a small longspring trap, attach to the inside of the box with a chain long enough for the muskrat to get back into the water and drown. The box when covered with snow will keep the hole open. Big, prime rats have been selling for $15-$20 at auction recently, your northern rats would be very desirable I would think.

  2. The mountain in the background in one of your photos looks to me, like you are looking out at Everest from a distance.



  3. For snow sticking on the skiis, tobboggan, have you tried wiping on kerosene with a rag? It works most of the time.


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